Rules and Regulations

Classicalia: Global Televised Music Competition (“Classicalia”)

Please read the following Rules and Regulations carefully. By participating, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Rules and Regulations outlined below. The terms “Applicant”, “Contestant”, “Semi-Finalist”, “Finalist”, and “Winner” are all used here to describe the same individual at different stages of the competition, and the individual (regardless of which term is used) is bound by the same Rules and Regulations below.

1. Enrollment Process:

a. Get Started: Any Applicant who meets the Eligibility Requirements set forth below can participate in Classicalia. Click "Get Started" at and fill in the details for the musician who will be participating in the competition. This creates an Account with Classicalia.

b. Fee payment: After creating an account you will be prompted to pay the fee to complete your Registration. You may do so at that time, or any time before the Extended Final Registration Deadline (11:59 pm Eastern Standard Time on January 22, 2023) by clicking the Account icon in the top right corner of the homepage, and then "CLICK HERE TO PAY NOW".

c. Round 1 Audition Submission: Applicants must submit their video audition by uploading the video to Youtube, and submitting the link to the video within their Classicalia Account. To access your Classicalia account, click the Account icon in the top right corner of the homepage. Final Extended Submission Deadline is January 22, 2023, 11:59 pm, EST.

2. Eligibility Requirements:

a. Classicalia is open to all instrumentalists and singers in the following “Categories”:

Category 1: 11 years old and under (soloists only)
Category 2: 12-17 years old (soloists only)
Category 3: 18-25 years old (soloists only)
Category 4: Beyond the Score (open to all ages, soloists and duos)

b. Age is calculated as of December 21, 2022. Applicant must be within the applicable age range for the Category that they are registered for by the Final Registration Deadline. An incorrectly entered Category will result in disqualification.

c. Applicant may submit only one video audition per Registration. If Applicant plays multiple instruments and would like to apply for more than one instrument, they may do so by submitting a separate Registration for each instrument and paying the applicable Fee for each Registration. (except Category4: Beyond the Score).
(Note: you will need to register with different e-mail addresses for each Registration.)

d. Neither Applicant nor any immediate family members or members of their household (whether related or not), may be an employee, officer or director of Classicalia, any person or entity involved in the casting, auditions, development, production, distribution, or other exploitation of Classicalia or any variation thereof, any known major sponsor of Classicalia, or any person or entity supplying services or prizes to Classicalia.

e. Any Applicant studying under the guidance of the Judges must notify Classicalia at the time of Registration and will be evaluated by different Judges.

f. To accept the invitation to participate in Round 2 of Classicalia, Applicant will be required to sign a release/agreement stating that they do not have any contractual arrangements or other restrictions that would prohibit them from participating in the Gala Concert.

g. All Applicants who become Finalists (i.e., who reach Round 2) will require a valid passport/ID/visa that will allow travel to Vienna for participation in the Gala Concert. These Applicants are required to comply with any travel requirements/restrictions in effect at the time with regards to COVID-19.

h. Classicalia reserves the right to accept or reject any Registration at its sole discretion. It is the sole responsibility of Applicant to register in the correct Category, to submit their video audition by the applicable deadlines, and to ensure they meet all Eligibility Requirements. Classicalia cannot assume responsibility or make adjustments for incorrect Registrations.

3. Fees:

All Fees are paid at time of Registration by credit card as follows:

Category 1: $195 USD ($145 Entry Fee + $50 Registration Fee)
Category 2: $245 USD ($195 Entry Fee + $50 Registration Fee)
Category 3: $295 USD ($245 Entry Fee + $50 Registration Fee)
Category 4: $295 USD ($245 Entry Fee + $50 Registration Fee)

The Registration Fee is non-refundable. Entry Fee is non-refundable, except where the Registration is rejected by Classicalia, or due to cancellation.

4. Video Audition Requirements:

a. Audition must be video-recorded. Applicant must upload their audition to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other hosted video service which enables it to be watched without downloading. Applicant must submit their video audition by pasting the video link where prompted in the Applicant's Account

b. Audition may be recorded on any device, including a smartphone. Professional recordings are not required. Judges will assess the merit of the performance, not the quality of the submitted video.

c. Camera must remain at a steady angle throughout the performance. For performers requiring stage movement, attempt to set the zoom settings to require as little movement of the camera as possible while capturing the performer. If possible, please record in landscape orientation (not portrait). No special effects are permitted.

d. No editing is allowed. Each performance must be presented in one continuous take.

e. Live or pre-recorded accompaniment is permitted. The recording does not need to capture a clear view of a live accompanist.

f. At the beginning of the audition video, Applicant must announce their full name and the complete title of the piece they are performing (i.e., “Sue Brown, Sonatina in G major, 1st movement by Beethoven”) OR include this information in the typed description of the uploaded Video recording.

g. Video recordings that were previously recorded are permitted as long as they were recorded on or after December 21, 2021. Each video recording submitted (if Applicant proceeds to subsequent Rounds) must be of different repertoire.

h. Applicant’s clothing in their video audition must not have any visible designer names, corporate logos, sports team names or logos, copyrighted images, celebrity names or images (living or dead), cartoon character images, or inappropriate messages or words (for example, profanity).

i. Memorization is compulsory for all Auditions in all Rounds and in the Gala Concert. 

5. Decisions of the Judges and Jury:

Classicalia is adjudicated by a panel of Judges comprised of highly trained professional musicians and teachers from all over the world. Each Applicant is judged based on the highest artistic standards with regard to musicianship, technical proficiency and stage performance. Each Applicant will be evaluated by a specialist in their instrument, chosen from our roster of master teachers and performers from all over the world. You will receive useful written feedback on your performance.
Our judges will be adjudicating not only what you play, but how you play. A polished performance of repertoire that matches a student's age and technical level will be awarded more points than a ragged one of higher technical difficulty.
Judges will award marks based on Technical Delivery, Musicality (sensitivity, nuance of performance), and Interpretation (stylistically informed performance practice).

Each Applicant (whether moving forward to the next Round or not) will receive written feedback on their audition by this panel of Judges and a signed certificate of participation.

All feedback will be provided in English. The decisions of all Judges and Jury are final and in their sole discretion. Classicalia reserves the right to substitute or appoint additional Judges or Jury members at any time at its sole discretion.

6. Repertoire Requirements:

In case of Category 1, 2, 3: any standard Western classical repertoire (from any period), in case of Category 4 (Beyond the Score): classical or non- classical music, pop music, soundtrack, film music with a classical technique played on a classical instrument OR any standard classical repertoire played with unconventional instrumentation OR a new arrangement of any standard classical repertoire. There is no time limit, and Applicants may play complete works or excerpts. 

Applicants proceeding to the next Round (i.e. Round 2) must submit a new video audition of different repertoire for each Round in the Category in which they qualify to proceed.

7. Competition Proceedings:


Applicants will submit a video recording of their performance (as outlined in “Audition Requirements”) no later than January 22, 2023, 11:59 pm EST.

48 Winners will qualify to proceed to Round 2 and will be notified via email on or before February 13, 2023.


Round 1 Winners will be invited to submit a Round 2 video recording, to be submitted no later than March 15, 2023 at 12 noon EST.

Contestants will be required to submit repertoire options for the Gala Concert for approval by the Classicalia producers (note: only work titles and composers of Gala Concert repertoire is required, not a video recording).

As a condition to qualifying to proceeding to perform at the Gala Concert, Round 2 Winners (and their parent/guardian in the case of those under 18 years of age as of June 1, 2023) will be required to sign and submit a release/agreement to be provided by email and a provide a valid form of ID to show proof of age of the Semi-Finalist (for example, a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate or school ID card).

Round 2 Winners then qualify to proceed to perform at the Gala Concert and will be notified via email and/or video call on or before March 29, 2023.



Recorded for television/streaming, this performance in front of a live audience will take place at Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Konzerthaus) in Austria on Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

The Finalists will perform at the Gala Concert, and First, Second, and Third place winners from each Category will be announced at the end of the Gala Concert.

Gala Concert Repertoire:

Own choice of solo, solo with piano accompaniment, or solo with symphony orchestra (preferred), to a maximum of 10 minutes (repertoire per prior approval by Classicalia producers).

Travel and Accommodation:
Classicalia will arrange and pay for travel and accommodation expenses for the 10 Finalists from their local airport to and from Vienna. Classicalia will also cover travel expenses for one accompanying parent/guardian for Finalists 17 years of age and under (as of June 1, 2023). Breakfasts will be provided. Any upgrades and/or bookings made by Finalists or their parent/guardian will not be reimbursed.

8. Additional Terms:

a. Classicalia has the sole discretion to determine Applicant eligibility, and reserves the right to change any of the Eligibility Requirements at any time. Classicalia can disqualify for any reason any person who, in Classicalia’s sole discretion, is sufficiently acquainted with the development, production, administration, judging, exhibition or other exploitation of Classicalia such that their participation in Classicalia could create the appearance of impropriety. Classicalia reserves the right to exclude, in its sole discretion, any individual from any of the auditions for any reason or for no reason at all, including without limitation, violation of any portion of the Rules and Regulations, or tampering with the entry process or the audition process. Classicalia reserves the right to amend the Rules and Regulations at any time. Being chosen to audition and/or compete at any Round in the process does NOT guarantee that Applicant will be selected to continue to the next Round.

b. Classicalia events will be photographed and/or recorded for marketing, promotional or fundraising purposes on any media, including Classicalia website, social media, and press releases, without any monetary or other obligation to Applicants or third parties. By participating in Classicalia, Applicant (and their parent/guardian in the case of those 17 years of age and under) gives Classicalia permission to televise/stream or otherwise use their submitted Audition (at any Round), any conducted interviews, and/or performances in the Gala Concert, for marketing, promotional and/or fundraising purposes on any media, including but not limited to Classicalia website, social media, and press releases, without further consultation and without any monetary compensation to them at any time in the future.

c. Classicalia is not responsible for any personal injury, loss or damage to personal property, including instruments.

d. No soliciting or promotional material is permitted at any Classicalia events unless previously approved by Classicalia administration in writing.

e. Except for the items explicitly agreed to be covered by Classicalia for Finalists (and their parent/guardian, if applicable), Applicant is responsible for all their expenses incurred in relation to their participation in Classicalia at any stage, including but not limited to their Registration, video recording expenses, insurance, any other expenses incurred in participating in Classicalia, including COVID-19 tests if required to travel.

f. In the case of unforeseeable events, Classicalia reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the competition, and/or or reschedule/modify the format of the Gala Concert. In case of cancellation, the Entry Fee portion (i.e. the total Fee minus the non-refundable Registration Fee), will be refunded to Applicant within 30 days following notification of the cancellation.

g. Gala Concert and Rehearsal Requirements:

i. Finalists must adhere to the schedule provided by Classicalia producers.

ii. Finalists may be accompanied by one (1) guest backstage, who must arrive with them during check in. For Finalists 17 years of age and under, the accompanying guest must be a parent/guardian of at least 21 years of age.

iii. Finalists are responsible for the insurance and transportation of their instruments. Classicalia will provide a piano at the Gala Concert (and Rehearsal) for Finalists who are pianists. If Finalists with over-sized instruments (e.g. harp, mallet percussion, double bass, cello), choose not to bring their own instrument, a quality instrument will be provided for use at the Gala Concert (and Rehearsal).

iv. Dress Code: formal attire. For the Gala Concert, stylists will be provided for clothing, hair and makeup.

v. Classicalia does not take responsibility for any items brought into the Gala Concert venue. All bags are subject to search at any time.