Copy of Frequently Asked Questions

Sign me up! How do I apply for this Classical Music Competition?

Click here to Get Started! You’ll answer a series of questions, and we’ll e-mail you back to welcome you into the competition this year. Near the end of the month, we will e-mail you with an invitation to Register and pay the fee.  

What are my deadlines? 

Registration is now open. You will receive your link to Register by e-mail after you register. Check your spam or promotions folders if our e-mail doesn’t reach your inbox within 24 hours, and e-mail us to let us know. Everyone's SUBMISSION deadline for Round 1 is the same: November 1, 2020.

How much does it cost to Register for this online music competition? 

Category 1 (11 years old and under): $195 USD
Category 2 (12-17 years old): $245 USD
Category 3 (18-25 years old): $295 USD
Category 4 (Beyond the Score): $295 USD 

Can I play the same repertoire for Rounds 1, 2 and 3? 

No. You need to submit a different performance for each Round. 

I’m confused about Category 4 – what is Beyond the Score? Can I play pop music on a classical instrument? 

This is our most unique Category, so we have put a lot of thought into what qualifies! Visit our YouTube playlist for some examples of the kinds of performances that fit within this Category. We've broadened the category to include classical music from non-Western musical traditions, so please read more about the Category here.

What instruments is the competition open to?

Classicalia is open to all solo instrumentalists and solo singers. “Beyond the Score” is open to any soloist or duo.

What are the requirements for my video audition?

You and your instrument must be clearly visible. Please record in landscape (not portrait). No special effects are permitted, and your audition must be recorded in one take (no cuts are allowed). You may use an existing video recording of yourself as long as it was recorded within the last year. More information and some helpful tips can be found here.

What if I already have a video of a live performance? Can I use it for my audition video?

Yes, you can if it meets the requirements.

Can I enter the competition with more than one video or in more than one category?

One video audition per Registration, but if you play multiple instruments, or would like to apply for both your classical Category and Beyond the Score, you may do so by submitting the Registration form again here. Please note, you need to use a different e-mail address for each submission. If you don't have a different address to use, please send us an email. 

Will I be notified if I don’t make it to the next Round?

Yes, everyone will receive written feedback from their auditions, and will be informed of the results of each Round.

Do I have to memorize all the pieces I will present?


Does Classicalia pay for my travel, accommodation, and meals if I become a Finalist and am invited to Vienna? 

Yes! Flights, accommodation, and breakfasts! For full details, visit our Rules and Regulations.

Will the Finalists who perform at the Gala Concert have time to rehearse with the symphony orchestra? 

Yes, there will be a full rehearsal.

I am a pianist/harpist/percussionist/double bassist/cellist. Can I bring my own instrument as a Finalist in the Gala Concert?

Yes! Finalists, other than pianists, are responsible for the insurance and transportation of their instruments. For performers of over-sized instruments, if you choose not to bring your own, a quality instrument will be provided to you by the organizers of Classicalia.

My English speaking skills are not that strong; is this a problem? 

Not at all! The competition is held in English, but we do not require fluency to take part in it. 

How do I get in contact with you? 

Send us an email and we will direct you to the right person to answer your questions!