• Young Musicians:

  • Launch your international performing career with Classicalia. Winners will be flown to Vienna to perform with full orchestra at the Wiener Konzerthaus in 2023, one of Europe’s most prestigious concert venues.

Young Musicians:

Launch your international performing career with Classicalia. Winners will be flown to Vienna to perform with full orchestra at the Wiener Konzerthaus in 2023, one of Europe’s most prestigious concert venues.
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International career starter for classical musicians

International piano competition 2022
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Video recorded for international broadcast. Global recognition awaits.

Classicalia - the classical music competiton has arrived, where the performances of outstanding classical talents are recognized and rewarded!

Why is Classicalia different from other competitions?

Classicalia Online Music Competition discovers outstanding new talents in classical music and brings them to the world. Classicalia was established in 2021, and the first season was a huge success: America’s public broadcaster PBS SoCal brought all of Classicalia's 2021/22 Semi-Finalists to Vienna, San Diego, and Toronto, and recorded their performances for broadcast later this year.

Winners of the 2022/23 competition will be flown to Vienna to perform with full orchestra, and will experience the thrill of televised exposure – a unique opportunity for international publicity.

Register for the music competition & save your spot now! 

Classicalia adjudication

A classical music competition that stands out

Showcase your talent to the world

I recommend any young musician to apply for Classicalia!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "The Classicalia competition was an incredible experience for me as a young and upcoming musician to partake in. It was very fun to be able to visit Vienna and to be part of this series for PBS. The recording team and the producers where very nice and really professional, and they made everyone feel at home and welcome in the environment. It’s was great to be able to play and record my pieces in such a beautiful hall and piano, and the feedback from the jury was really appreciated. I recommend any young musician to apply for Classicalia next year, as it is not only an incredible competition, but also an environment to meet and connect with other extremely talented and like-minded young musicians from around the world."

THOMAS TOROK, pianist, participant in Classicalia’s 2021/22 competition

Classicalia has the perfect combination of opportunity and encouragement for the young musician

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Classicalia was such a great experience - taking on new challenges is always incredibly helpful in the process of self-improvement and gaining confidence. I highly recommend it to anyone considering participation."

LUCIA WARREN, violinist, participant inClassicalia’s 2021/22 competition

Taking part gave me some extra motivation in practice.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Taking part in Classicalia this year has been a wonderful experience. Especially during this difficult time after the pandemic, taking part gave me some extra motivation in practice and recording but it also gave us all the chance to share our passion for music with the world. You also get the opportunity to challenge yourself at a professional level and learn from constructive feedback from experts from all over the world."

SOFIA ROS, accordionist, participant in Classicalia’s 2021/22 competition


For centuries, much of the world's most breathtaking Classical music has been written in Austria’s capital. Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Brahms, Strauss II, and dozens of others lived in and walked the streets of this remarkable city. Music is in the air in Vienna. Symphonies, operas, chamber music — you name it and Vienna has premiered it, recorded it, or given birth to it. This gorgeous city has captivated international audiences for hundreds of years.

Classicalia is open to all classical instrumentalists and singers.

Repertoire must be Classical, but there are no time restrictions. Choose an excerpt of a work or play a work in its entirety. Performances must be memorized. Register today and submit your video audition anytime before December 21, 2022.

Deadline for finishing the Registration process is 23:59,  Friday, December 21st, 2022. Please ensure you submit your Audition video and pay the Application fee by this date. 

Every competitor can upload one video in each round. You can log into your account anytime before December 21 to submit your Youtube video or change the link to a new one. 

Classicalia is open to all instrumentalists and singers in the following age “Categories”:
Category 1: 11 years old and under (soloists only)
Category 2: 12-17 years old (soloists only)
Category 3: 18-25 years old (soloists only)
Age is calculated as of December 21, 2022 (Final Registration Deadline). Applicant must be within the applicable age range for the Category that they are registered for by the Final Registration Deadline.

Of course! If you play multiple instruments and would like to apply for more than one instrument, submit a separate Registration for each instrument and pay the applicable Fee for each Registration. (Note: you will need to register with different e-mail addresses for each Registration.)

Click here to read more FAQs here or contact us if you have any questions.