• Online Classical Music Competition

  • for students ages 4-11 and 12-17
  • Classical Music Competition Winners Perform in Vienna, Tokyo, Toronto & New York!

  • The world's TOP classical music capitals!

Online Classical Music Competition

for students ages 4-11 and 12-17

Classical Music Competition Winners Perform in Vienna, Tokyo, Toronto & New York!

The world's TOP classical music capitals! CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED



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Want to give your child a musical year to remember?

Are you an advocate for arts education?

A parent hoping to encourage your kids to live a fuller, more passionate life through music?

A proud mother of an accomplished player of a classical instrument? A dad who feels goosebumps when his young one plays the piano?

Does the spotlight make your daughter shine? Is the stage your son’s playground?

Classicalia - GRAND PRIZES

12 musicians (3 winners in each category) will be awarded the following:

Round trip (flight and accommodations) for the winner to Vienna. Winners under 17 bring a parent/guardian (the only competition that rewards YOU as well as your child!)

✅ Opportunity for the winners to perform in front of a live audience in the City of Music at the Wiener Konzerthaus (Vienna Konzerthaus) in Austria

✅ Opportunity for the winners to perform with a symphony orchestra and be recorded for PBS So Cal & Stingray Classica - Classical Music TV channels.

✅ International concert invitations to major classical music venues to the TOP music capitals of the world —Vienna, Tokyo, Toronto and New York!

Classicalia - Global Televised Music Competition

Classicalia Online Music Competition discovers outstanding new talents in classical music and brings them to the world. Classicalia was established in 2021, and the first season was a huge success: America’s public broadcaster PBS So Cal brought all of Classicalia's 2021/22 Semi-Finalists to Vienna, San Diego, and Toronto, and recorded their performances for broadcast later this year.


Winners of the 2022/23 competition will be flown to Vienna to perform with full orchestra, and will experience the thrill of televised exposure. The performance is broadcast in 30+ countries and an unparalleled springboard into their future and a unique opportunity for international publicity.

EVERY CONTESTANT WINS -Extensive written feedback for every competitior

A competition is only as good as the expertise and vision of its jury. Classicalia works with a roster of master performers and teachers who evaluate our candidates at every round, finding the talent that rises to the top.
✅ Every applicant receives valuable written feedback from a panel of expert judges and teachers in your child's instrument to help propel their musical education.

ℹ️ Honorary President: Ramón Vargas - Opera singer, tenor

Read Examples of Last Year's Adjudications

Register for the competition and receive valuable feedback from this panel of expert judges.

✅ Every contestant gets an exclusive digital masterclass with classical music masterminds!

Classicalia adjudication
Classicalia Online video audition

Stress-free online video audition

Performing in familiar surroundings on your own instrument allows you to put forth your best performance and get assessed based on your musical merit, unencumbered by nervous jitters.

Register online with a few clicks and submit a self-recorded video no matter where you are located.

Read our Video Audition Tips

We were spared all the stress and hustle of an in-person competition

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "As a parent, I was very excited when I found out about the Classicalia competition. I have two children who are both aspiring musicians. (...) Both of them have had a very good experience participating in the competition, its most remarkable feature being a high level of competitors from all around the world. The 3 rounds leading up to the finals are well spaced throughout the year and provide the participants with much-needed incentive to explore, learn and perfect new repertoire. Since the first 3 rounds are recorded rather than in person, we were spared all the stress and hustle of an in-person competition. Nevertheless, the competition's organizers ensured that you can still listen to the other participants' submissions. This is a very important aspect of participating in a competition which I'm glad Classicalia handled well. Speaking of stress and hustle, the registration process is very friendly and flexible, and I could easily contact a member of the team anytime I had a question or needed help.

Karim and Salma both reached the semi-final round. Unfortunately, they didn't get to go to Vienna for the finals, but they still found the competition worthwhile. Apart from the competition itself, the team made a great effort to integrate everyone and create a community, with activities such as one-on-one interviews with the participants, in which both my children participated. I would recommend Classicalia to anyone looking for a fun, engaging music competition because even if you don't win the first prize, you still walk away with a great experience."

– NATHALIE TSOY, mom to Salma and Karim, Semi-finalists of Classicalia's 2021/22 competition
( B.Mus, M.Mus, ORMTA, Kids Conservatory)

It was such an honour to be the YOUNGEST semi-finalist!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "Classicalia Global Televised Music Competition not just provides young musicians a great and fair platform to show our talents but also opens our ears and eyes to an international level! Music has no boundaries and barriers, we should all be united and supportive of each other and let the music make our world more beautiful and peaceful.

KHOLE WU, pianist, youngest Semi-Finalist in Classicalia’s 2021/22 competition

How to apply?

The deadline to apply is December 21, 2022. For complete information about the competition including repertoire requirements, visit your child's age category here:

Category 1: 11 years old and under, $195 USD
Category 2: 12-17 years old, $245 USD

Register now for Classicalia. The experience of a lifetime is just a few clicks away.


For centuries, much of the world's most breathtaking classical music has been written in Austria’s capital. Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Brahms, Strauss II, and dozens of others lived in and walked the streets of this remarkable city. Music is in the air in Vienna. Symphonies, operas, chamber music — you name it and Vienna has premiered it, recorded it, or given birth to it. This gorgeous city has captivated international audiences for hundreds of years.

Classicalia is open to all classical instrumentalists and singers. 🎹🎷🎻🎼🗣🎺🥁

Repertoire must be classical, but there are no time restrictions. Performance must be memorized.

Deadline for finishing the Registration process is 23:59,  Friday, December 21st, 2022. Please ensure you submit your Audition video and pay the Application fee by this date. 

Every competitor can upload one video in each rounds. You can log into your account anytime before December 21st to submit your Youtube video or change the link to a new one. 

Classicalia is open to all instrumentalists and singers in the following age “Categories”:
Category 1: 11 years old and under (soloists only)
Category 2: 12-17 years old (soloists only)
Category 3: 18-25 years old (soloists only)
Age is calculated as of December 21, 2022 (Final Registration Deadline). Applicant must be within the applicable age range for the Category that they are registered for by the Final Registration Deadline.

Of course! If you play multiple instruments and would like to apply for more than one instrument, submit a separate Registration for each instrument and pay the applicable Fee for each Registration. (Note: you will need to register with different e-mail addresses for each Registration.)

Click here to read more FAQs here or contact us if you have any questions.