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Launched by an international team of musicians and arts advocates with a passion for classical music, Classicalia music competition isn’t any ordinary classical music competition. Now in our second year, we are searching the globe for our second set of 12 extraordinary musicians to give the opportunity of a lifetime: a trip to Vienna to perform with a symphony orchestra in front of a live audience at one of the most stunning concert halls on the planet. Worldwide exposure and promotion. An unparalleled springboard into their future. 


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North America office - Toronto, Canada:

Andrea Warren

Europe office - Budapest, Hungary:

András Szentpéteri


Why Classical Music

Chances are, if you’re already reading this, we are “preaching to the choir.” We believe that in the darkest of times throughout history, music has brought people together in a way that creates joy, sparks creativity, and restores optimism. Classical music inspires discipline and requires concentration – both as musicians and listeners. We believe in the rewards of long attention spans, the peace and clarity that classical music can bring, and the ability for classical music to unite us worldwide.


Our Expert Judges

classiclal-music-competition-expert-juryA competition is only as good as the expertise and vision of its jury. Classicalia has an incredible roster of performers to evaluate at every stage. Our jury is comprised of a world-class collection of performers and teachers who will find the talent that rises to the top. Each applicant will receive thoughtful and productive written feedback from these adjudicators to help propel their musical education. 


Why we want to broadcast Classical Music in 30+ countries 

This competition is produced by the team that brought the television programs "A Salute to Vienna" and "Zoltán Mága and David Foster: Live From Budapest" to PBS So Cal & Stringray Classica in the United States and to broadcasters throughout Europe. 

Television and digital streaming open the doors for international exposure for talented young musicians, and this exposure broadens the number of people interested in this art-form. Classicalia shines a spotlight on aspiring classical musicians from every continent and enables these talented individuals the opportunity to burst into worldwide recognition. Classicalia online classical music competition also breaks down barriers to encourage innovation and reinvention within the classical music genre. 


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Why Vienna

For centuries, much of the world's most breathtaking music has been written in Austria’s capital. Mozart, Beethoven, Mahler, Brahms, Strauss II, and dozens of others lived in and walked the streets of this remarkable city. Music is in the air in Vienna. Symphonies, operas, chamber music — you name it and Vienna has premiered it, recorded it, or given birth to it. This gorgeous city has captivated international audiences for hundreds of years and has topped the chart for the second year in a row as "world's most liveable city". Vienna maintains its musical legacy through the plethora of concerts and grandiose venues, including the Vienna Konzerthaus, where the 12 Finalists of Classicalia will perform.

We are thrilled to bring the climax of this competition to Vienna, and give 12 musicians the opportunity to perform in this incredible city. 

Can you taste the excitement? 


Tune in to PBS to catch Classicalia's Season 1 Finalists showcasing their talents in this exciting new show!