“Beyond the Score” adds innovation to the competition

Beyond the Score” is a unique category in Classicalia’s list of repertoire requirements — one that distinguishes Classicalia from other international classical music competitions!

“Beyond the Score” is designed to spark creativity in any musician, regardless of age or background. The idea is to select one or more compositions from any genre to perform in a way that exhibits classical musicianship training, and at the same time allows for cross-genre experimentation from any musical source. 

Beyond the score Classicalia

Suggestions might include performing non-classical repertoire (pop music, soundtrack, film music, etc.) with classical technique on a classical instrument,
or playing any standard classical repertoire with unconventional instrumentation — Vivaldi’s “Winter” on two accordions, for example.

Applicants can also submit improvisations or creative arrangements — like a jazzy version of Bach’s Two-part Inventions for two saxophones, as an example. There is no time limit, and applicants may play complete works or excerpts.

This category is open to all ages, and a professional musician can even include family members in a jam session. Judges will be adjudicating this broad category on creativity, virtuosity, and musicality – three criteria that transcend genres and countries of origin.




“Beyond the Score” is an exciting inclusion to Classicalia’s application format, as it allows musicians to stretch the boundaries in ways that show their own personalities and skills beyond the standard classical protocols. Any applicant’s creation here can be a one-of-a-kind showcase with unlimited invention!

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  • 13 finalists win an all-expenses paid trip to Vienna to perform with a symphony orchestra in front of a live audience at one of the most stunning concert halls on the planet - Vienna's Konzerthaus!

In addition to worldwide exposure, every contestant wins:

  • Written feedback and adjudication from a prominent jury - Honorary President: Ramón Vargas - Opera singer, tenor
  • An exclusive digital masterclass with classical music masterminds.
  • Free tickets to attend at a live workshop in Vienna & the Gala Concert at Vienna’s Konzerthaus. 

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Inspirational videos for creative classical musicians: 

 Sofia Ros is a Scotland-based accordionist and one of our 2021/2022 winners of the Classicalia Global Televised Music Competition! Here she expertly demonstrates her skill and precision on the accordion.